About Vivien Mudgett RN, MSN

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Vivien Mudgett founded the Health Leadership Coalition in 2010. Vivien has been a Registered Nurse for over thirty years. During that tenure she found that a lack of knowledge and understanding of health policy by both medical professionals and the general public was becoming apparent. So, with this information gap of understanding widening, she set out to bridge it so that everyone could understand health care reform and health policy. From cultural and operational changes inside healthcare institutions, to the effect of leadership on staff, patients and services, Vivien brings a productive energy to the process, connecting resources and narrowing the information gap.

Armed with a Bachelors of Science degree in Health Sciences and two master’s degrees: One in Educational Leadership and the other in Nursing. Vivien faces the challenge from a solid perspective both academically and practically. She is currently working on getting her Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

Her authenticity as an active leader in the industry is further strengthened by being an active member in many national organizations, including, The American Organization of Nurse Executives and the American Nurses Association as well as the Honor Society of Sigma Theta Tau. Many hospitals and healthcare industry groups have heard her passion and insights on healthcare topics for many years. Vivien’s speaking engagements are regarded as a must see for those in the field.

Contact Vivien at: vmudgett@healthclc.com or 323.804.1074