Leaders in today’s healthcare field need to empower themselves with much more than just clinical experience. The skills that were sufficient a few years ago are not enough to meet the needs of today’s complex healthcare environment.

Vivien Mudgett, RNC, MSN and CEO of the Healthcare Leadership group knows what it takes to be a strong and passionate leader. Her expertise includes over twenty-five years as a nursing leader and administrator. Additionally, she brings to the table, clinical knowledge, a Masters in Human Resource Development and Educational Leadership, a Masters in Nursing, and the most current information she is now gleaning from her Doctorate Program studies and curriculum.

Vivien works in close partnership with clients to assess their needs and deliver informed and proven results. Having someone whose expertise and knowledge you can trust at your side in this changing landscape of healthcare today is invaluable. Vivien knows how to partner with clients to achieve outcomes that make a difference.

Here is a small sampling of Vivien’s consulting services:

  • Changing a culture of disruptive behavior
  • Turning dysfunctional teams into productive groups with a passion for their work
  • Training new leaders
  • Coaching and advising experienced leaders to take them to the next level
  • Teaching the Affordable Care Act to staff and Leaders
  • Interim management support
  • Change management

Don’t see what you are looking for? Have questions about your particular circumstances? Let’s discuss your needs. Responding quickly and effectively to today’s uncertain environment is crucial for survival.

Let someone with the heart of a nurse and the professional and clinical skills of a servant leader guide you.

For information on how Vivien can help your organization,

contact her today!